What makes the difference!

How small businesses can scale and still have freedom (part 1 of 4). When I talk to most business owners about their businesses there seems to be a feeling that the struggles that they feel are unique to them and their industry. I can assure you that they are not. You know what they say, business would be great if it wasn’t for Customers and Employees…

So if all businesses are going through pretty much the same pains what makes the difference and how do a very small number break through? The Leader Generally the issue is not with the industry or the staff or even the customers because there are people in every industry with stellar businesses, but with the clarity of the leader.

Unless the vision and values of the leader are clearly defined the culture and underlying business systems cannot permeate into the business. People want to follow a leader with direction and purpose yet so few in this position have this key trait. People want to be held to high standards. People may decide to join your organization for the money but stay because they are learning, growing and contributing to something greater.

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